Home Collection


Thoughtful design inspired by nature, these spacious, architecturally considered Muskoka-style Homes, range from approximately 1,350 to over 4,000 square feet. Set on deep lots trimmed by ravines and rocky ridges, the Home Collection displays beauty with uncompromising quality. Choose from a wide selection of elevations, including two or three bedroom homes with second-level lofts and an optional Muskoka room for an extra dose of northern spirit.

Starting from $549,900.

Peachleaf Willow

2194 SQ.FT.

Northern Pin Oak

2312 SQ.FT.

White Oak

2408 SQ.FT.


2444 SQ.FT.

White Elm

2673 SQ.FT.

Shore Pine

2675 SQ.FT.

Wine Maple

2683 SQ.FT.

Red Mulberry

2750 SQ.FT.

Canadian Yew

2818 SQ.FT.

Red Alder

2919 SQ.FT.

Eastern Red Cedar

2958 SQ.FT.

Paper Birch

2961 SQ.FT.


3099 SQ.FT.

Blue Beech

3106 SQ.FT.

Red Pine

3111 SQ.FT.

Silver Maple

3142 SQ.FT.

Red Spruce

3258 SQ.FT.

Black Walnut

3332 SQ.FT.

Balsam Fir

3333 SQ.FT.

Green Ash

3335 SQ.FT.

Canadian Hemlock

3392 SQ.FT.